Advantages and Tips for Using the Avalon Bay Air Fryer

For kitchens industrial scale, restaurants, hotels, .. needs to be fried, boiled, cooking great food package is very high, not only save time and effort, but also meet to serve customers with greater frequency, continuity. To meet this demand, many companies have research and manufacturing success fryer Avalon air flying a more functional product used on purpose fryers, cooking, boiling .. high yield during short, easy temperature control allows

Avalon air fryer can fly food processing large-sized or large quantity requirements per batch, such as French fries, fish, fish cakes, chicken, duck, meat, seafood …Besides it, you can visit here for get more information about Avalon bay air fryer review.¬†

Cleaning And Compact Design 

The entire design avalon used fryer air flying from the high-quality material, environmental friendly and very hygienic, cleanliness when handling food. Materials are specifically designed for use in the food industry does not rust, corrode, deformed by high temperature, easy to clean and durable over time.

Automatic Control Functionality, Fuel Flexibility

The installation system temperature, lights, electrical switches or simple design, you can easily install the parameters during frying. When you want to fry in boiling oil temperature is small, you can cool down to save electricity.

Advantages of Avalon air flying from electric fryer are used to cooking time and adapt quickly many places have power; you will quite actively cooking as these are commonly used raw materials, cheap and clean.

Designed According To The Needs Of Customers

The size and capacity of the cage kitchen frying can change according to the needs and design your own.

Streamlining fried designed stainless mesh material uncertainty, load-bearing, heat resistant, can dip down deep and pull up easily during the frying. And also the daily cleaning easier, not take long for you

How To Clean The Product

When using this device, make sure the cleaning will take more work than traditional boilers. However, it is not so “take time.” You can use a dishwasher to clean the food Gabion, brandishing pot or “an” easily removable oil. Or can be washed by hand with warm water.

Special note to the pot before washing to cool down. Can take advantage of excess oil in the pot, it would be much easier if you use the family pot “pools” of oil left. Lift them out and use a paper towel to clean any residue around the side of the pot shell. In the case of “an” instant oil spill you out then wash with warm soapy water but must be careful not to allow water to enter the controller or power plugs.

Note for Cleaning the Grease Filter

The advantage of this product is not for grease splash. However absolutely can not prevent this. Therefore you need to use paper towels to dry before sticking grease streaks, then use warm soapy solution to wipe the outside. Avalon flying air fryer has a little grease filter mounted above the lid. After each use, the filter should be cleaned. By the time can not be cleaned should be replaced with new filters to the pot can operate more efficiently

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