Baby hiccups: How to deal with it?

Baby hiccups


Babies under one year old often have hiccups. And do you know infants also has hiccups even have hiccups when they aren’t born yet? It is completely normal but for those who haven’t had a proper understanding on this matter, it could be a real concern to them. Although it is a normal thing for a child to have hiccups, but sometimes this could make him (or her) to puke. So how to get rid of baby hiccups?


Hiccups are caused by the diaphragm muscle being irritated. It often happens from feeding and drinking when your food has too much air in it. But sometimes hiccups just happen on their own. With infants, they often have hiccups after being fed by milk bottle. Or having hard food that hasn’t been ground properly.

Hiccup reasons


Sometimes, hiccups could happen because of the sudden change in temperature. Too cold or too hot are not good for their stomach either. You need to make sure the child’s food and drink are warm. Hiccups could also happen because of the GERD (Gastroesophageal reflux disease), this is completely normal because infants digestive system are not fully developed yet.


There are many cures you can find on the internet, some of them work but some are not. So I only put on my list those that I think is good and have worked for me.

Use your fingers to cover the baby’s ears – Uncover them after 30 seconds and repeat the process 10 to 15 times. You can cover the baby’s mouth in the first few seconds too. But be careful not to suffocate him (or her).

Tap on their back – Us

Cure for hiccups


e your hand and give your child little taps on the back. Remember do it properly and gentle

Use honey – A few drops of honey can help remove the hiccups but you shouldn’t use this method on a baby under 1 year old because he (she) can easily get a choke.

Drink water – If your baby is old enough, you could let him (or her) drink water to ease the hiccups. You could fill the feeding bottle with water and let them drink. If they refuse to drink, use breast milk instead.

How to avoid

Avoid baby hiccups


Try breastfeeding – Don’t rely on feeding bottle every time, breastfeeding is still the single best way to avoid hiccups. This way, the child will feel more comfortable.

Change feeding pacifier – Most baby hiccups come from drinking milk in bottles. You can improve this by choosing the best pacifier for your child.

Change feeding position – Don’t feed the baby in an acclivity position, because it allows air to get into their mouth along with the milk.

Slow down your feeding – Taking too much food or drink is the reason for hiccups in both adults and infants. So you should slow down when feeding your child. This way, you can avoid hiccups effectively.

Grind the food – If you’re starting to feeding food for your baby along with breastfeeding them, you need to make sure the food are properly ground. And remember to use assimilative food because the baby’s digestive system isn’t fully developed yet. You can also check out when can babies eat cheerios here

Raising a baby is hard and there are a lot of problems you may encounter on this journey. Much more than just couples of hiccups. So you shouldn’t freak out with just this. Hope what I’ve provided could give you a little help. I’ll be sharing more of my raising children experiences so make sure to visit my website more often.

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