Football gear for your kids

Are you preparing your kids for the local football tournament? Unfortunately, you don’t know much about this field? Worry not, that is what we are here for. With a quick look at the article below, you will know exactly what to equip you precious little angel so that they can enjoy the game while staying away from injury. Let’s go into more details

Football or as the American call it, soccer is one of the sports requiring the lowest number of equipment; therefore, you don’t have to worry much about your wallet getting flattened.


Anything that you kids feel comfortable wearing should be enough. In addition, it should not be too much bigger than your child’s body so as to reduce the friction while running. If you have some cash to spare, you could even go for high-end products such as áo thun adidas originals, which are designed to reduce the friction effectively and absorb sweat very efficiently, keeping your kids dry for the most of the time.


Like the above, anything that your kids feel comfortable wearing should suffice. A lightweight and knee-length shorts are highly recommended in order to facilitate running and moving in general.


One of the most important equipment in soccer. With thousands of models and brands currently on the market, choosing one should not be too much of a problem. Just keep the following criteria in mind when you go and shop for one. First and most obviously, it has to fit your kids so that it can aid your kids with all the sudden stops, run, change in pace and turns of soccer. Next, the studs should be suited to the surface of the football field, longer studs are for softer grass while shorter ones are for harder surface.


This item is to protect your feet from too much friction with your shoes and designed to reach the knee so as to cover the shin guard. Since this is for your kids, ask them about their favorite styles, color, and brand before buying one. You don’t want to see them getting grumpy about the pair you bought.


If your kid plays as a goalkeeper, this is an absolute must-have. For other position, however, it is optional. If the kids are playing in a cold season, you should buy them a pair in order to keep them warm. Any type of gloves should be fine as long as it allow the fingers to move freely so that the goalie can catch the ball easily.


This item may not prevent major injuries, it does keep your kids save from the minor ones. They protect the front area of the leg, which are more expose to impact during the match. IF your kid plays in attacking positions, get them something small and light. If they play in defending positions, get something strong.

That should be everything that your kids need in order to enjoy the match. We hope that the information was useful and you have found what you were looking for.

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