How To Distinguish Real And Fake Mattress

Real and fake mattress


With this article, I would like to provide you with the information you need to improve your knowledge of quality products as well as the subjectivity of the selection process that leads consumers to the wrong choice leading to the Harm in the health of the family. Especially low-quality mattress products are usually offered at very low prices, sellers always want to sell products without regard to quality affect the health of the user. Besides it, you can visit here for learning about memory foam mattress.

Only after a period to see the great consequences of not choosing carefully review products before buying. Fake mattress products when used for a while will foul smell of latex for rubber mattress …

Do You Need To Avoid Buying Quality Mattresses?

Buying mattress


Fake mattresses, poor quality products that do not guarantee a good breathability, will create an environment for microbes to grow, small and light cotton dust that can cause respiratory infections, chemical allergies. Unsafe bedding and dust can cause respiratory infections, especially in children. The blanket when put on people, the dust from the blanket will directly enter the respiratory tract, causing shortness of breath, long-term asthma, chronic respiratory infection … very dangerous to the health of the elderly and children The sick person

Genuine MattressĀ 

Genuine mattress


Stamps for anti-counterfeit goods displayed on the products. The intestinal core of the products all has braille stamping, the zipper of any product stamping clear. Or read the label on the product about the source, composition, maintenance instructions, very specific washing instructions, cleverly seamed, non-smudged print material or embroidered logo of the manufacturer on The edge of every product of genuine.

Rubber Mattress:

Rubber mattress


The actual mattress will have high elasticity, tensile strength, high tear strength. Brand and logo are very clear; there is no ambiguity about the origin of the stamps sewn on the mattress.

Only purchase at genuine resellers of other proprietary trademarks. This ensures the purchase of genuine goods, buy the right price listing, and ensure you enjoy the full promotion, prestige warranty of the company. The above is the way to distinguish the mattress would be able to help you during the purchase of bedding products.

Take for the health of your family, towards the true value of the product and become a smart consumer. It is not only beneficial to yourself and your family, but also to the economic development of the country. Select and use only genuine goods; genuine goods are not only the interests but also the responsibility of consumers

Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam mattress


You feel pain or see people get worse than they are because of a wrong sleeping position or an unbalanced sleep. Memory foam mattress is developed and innovative to help users solve those problems.

This is the type of mattress that achieves a perfect balance of firmness and softness so that you can sleep in any position naturally and comfortably. The product achieves the quality of medical cushions, helps relieve pain, reduces stress and achieves unique effects in support of body support. You should buy genuine products, have a certificate of origin and a good warranty, expert advice for enthusiastic users.


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