Things to consider before purchasing any embroidery machines

As we’ve already known, clothing or garment industry is one of the oldest industries in the world. Along with the explosion of population growth, the garment technology must be developed in all aspects such as manufacturing process, materials and designs. Therefore, it’s not an easy task to go shopping because of the wide variety of embroidery machines available on the market. That’s why we decided to write this article to instruct you how to choose the best embroidery machine for your needs.

1) Usability

Embroidery MachinesEmbroidery machine saves us lots of time and efforts. It takes the responsibility of ensuring the accuracy of every stitch and setting us free to brainstorm and create original unique design. Thus, it’s important to note down how convenient an embroidery machine should be. This consideration is even more crucial to novices. For more specifically, the ease of use of an embroidery machine involves the applicability of automated needle threading, tension control, thread cutting, rapid set bobbins and the ergonomic design.

Those are the fundamental parts that a good embroidery machines should include. However, nowadays technology has made the tool even more powerful with LCD screen, wifi capabilities which allow designers to work directly on the screen or download the available templates on the internet right away without transferring the file from their laptop to the machine.

2) Your embroidery experience

If you are a stranger in the world of embroidery, then an automatic embroidery machine will be your best choice. The only thing you should focus is choosing the right decoration patterns for your project, then, the machine will finish all the hard work. However, these kinds of tool are quite pricey.

3)  How complicated your projects are

When it comes to the variety of embroidery machines, there is a wide range of different sizes and shapes that are suitable for different purposes. If you need a tool for your small personal projects for instant making a souvenir for your relatives, you will need a home model from Brother, Singer or Janome brands. For bigger projects, the industrial embroidery machines may suit your needs. The prices range from $5000 to $10,000+.

4)  How many features the machine offer

It will save you lots of time when the machine has included the necessary settings for example the buttonholes, collars or flowers. Therefore, keep in mind to pay attention to the settings buttons on the dashboard to see whether the machine offers what you need or not.


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